quake ..

Buzz an alert, i’ve open my email this mornin’ at 05.30 after having subuh pray. Though, seeing it on CNN and MetroTV, a quake (tectonic) rated at 5,8SR occured range 33km southern Yogyakarta city. While then, it’s remind me some relatives there. Alhamdulillah i’d message Indira, eventhough mass communication there got lost she replied everythin’ fine .. herself, Jannah and her granny. I’d also paid respond and my concern to an academic friend mr. Anda there, thank god he’d also reply even with some delay, he’s and family fine but the MM building currently suffer some wreck, and cannot be used for a while.

Hey, it’s reminded me last night i’d watch an NGC special about “living nature”, proven facts that last tsunami facing Aceh last 2004 triggered by previous year quake in Iran (2003), where it’s quake path related to what lies beneath sumatra island (quake path does lies accross the globe like a spider web u know!!). I had no idea whether these are nature facts or “something” playing god here? u know former USSR had the “quake machine” which being takeover by the US (and had no clue where the heck is that thing now).

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