finally ..

Hihihi, just as predicted !! Today gonna be a great, fun, weird day for me and my 2 best friend. For surprise i do kept bowo arrival secretly, and all 3 of us finally met there at UI. Long time loss contact, we finally gather here, not been a while. It’s been and took long journey-time to made these happen dude !! hopes, this friendship remain till our elderly.As brief, yoyok & probo both are my best friend since we born, attend the same playgroup, kindergarten and elementary, and split since i left duri in 1995. On past college day, we’ve gone separated, me at USAKTI, bowo at UNDIP and yoyok at UNIBRAW. And it’s sure hard to gather them all, we’ve lost contact since. These last 2 year been a great result, though .. while then i made it after finalize my master studies at UGM. Current last stats, 1 of us got married, 1 in the phase for that and me left single (indonesia: jomblo), hahaha whatever it’s fun to stay single anyway !!

bUzz: on my way home, went to hero to buy some snack and met these couples, sis’ chishai and her boyfriend bro’ roy. how’s it goin to both of u there ?! hihihi

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