on the ..

19.45 – Thank God, managed domain hosting just been upgraded .. hehehehe. Despite my worried these hosting have been down for 3 days, complain and complain does a great job. I’d say taruihhhhh oi !! (padang spoken word) hehehe, finally it’s all run smooth as usual.

22.07 – Missed it, just missed her.. missed the jokes. These may the last as i still and so .. keep collect part by part into a form of sillhoutte of my own. If reminded to the last call, review what i’d never planned, as tough it just gone well so far .. what it heard broadly may not the actual reality, but who knows, faith .. if permitted could turn these into an actual one. i would say BISMILLAH ..

bUzz: hate to say the word, hate to express the feel .. i’d rather watch her from far. she have somethin’ on the smile, on cheers and her laughter. it’s not what become left unsaid, it’s a good thing despite it’s unexplainable.

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