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another list ?! ..

Yet, these not completely an all new point i had in mind cause it hadn’t come to it’s final remarks. Its 2006 and found a questioning thought about myself .. felt it so ridiculous huh ?! Having these fingers typing those draft on a word processor, again and it’s been a rough and lousy days since, also I’d experienced those “invitation” in a closest interval ever. Some of them made it with a splendid success, while some stuck, some gettin’ more dependable and worst of all some/what is left, become distracted from what i should focused on.bUzz: it’s my old-pals probo and eka blessed day of their marriages, may they have “sakinah” family there in the future. j-net just quoted on my hub, still can’t get me enough to wake and pursue with these lame progress. Almighty God .. Yaa Allah, bukalah pintu piqr hamba-Mu ini .. hehehehe

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