re-think !! i’ll prefer ignore it !!

it’s 06.32 now in pku (riau), geee plane finally touched down at SSQ2 pku yesterday for 1,5hr flight, kind a bored (was) cause i got slept on flight (actually) hehehehe read the rest here .. “udah puasa, bolos jumatan lg .. abis bukan niat gw seh ambil flight jam 11 siang?!” .. anyway2 yesterday too i’d pay visit my grandma and some nephew hang-out there, a reunion soon in a few days .. comin’ up !!

bUzz: noted sent few card’s last thursday kind a odd+old send “raya” greet w/ cards to few friends+dear, but hey it’s a pity to see those who sell cards on sidewalks (useless, but though) while then we mostly use SMS/MMS to send greet electronically.

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