Media Thought

miNd sTrengTh

hoaaaaa .. just woke up, it’s 05.50 now typing these after having subuh praY. i had a sentence to share this mornin’ .. a power of mind, eventhough i eagerly to express it (i kept it away as a patience to follow the process i’m currently in progress?!@#) .. what’s so interesting about ‘these’ stuff i’m mumbling in the morning anyway? for arround 5minute after i woke up, those thought of her (& something different), for instance i thought it just so weird .. then in conclusion, i eagerly connect my hub instantly, browsing my network .. and found IT IS !!! and weird one, the image i just saw and the one i had in a flash on my wokeup just look alike .. hoaaaaa (still feel asleep) .. gubbbbraaakkk !!

notes: finally nyala jg ni channel2, setelah dimatiin kv tiap tengah malem .. kv chickeeeennnnn !!

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