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a month, few day, several hour …

so … it’s been a month … more, again facing lecturer, paper, presentation, tasks which keep comin’. learning new thing, new tricks and another tricky question about lifes and corporate. indeed, it’s been a pleasant weekend here in jakarta, even though some filled with group tasks, and individual. just got call from colleague, how’s the office run currently … some say, it become disastrous (just as i predict before) …last few days, i got problem with my knee and made my walk kind a limp for a while. it’s been 2 days now and everything look getting all right ever since. i’ve read some articles, viewing some profiles, looking for a ‘whisper’ from … (guess who?) and few changes on my habits toward a good religious activity. it does change me, somehow … alhamdulillah … don’t know whether ‘dear’ realize that … just kept finger cross ?!@# …

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