ajaib ..

Okay, so i got the billing printout from Telk* over my phone usage abroad last month. I have no intention to show off, but it keep remind me how these company respond on customer basic needs .. clarity of information.

No offense, it just my curiosity. A friend of mine once ask, why you so agitate criticize your own service provider. Why shouldn’t i? I paid for the services and i demand their transparency, that’s it.

Hmm, sebenarnya sih q gak masalahin berapa rate mereka untuk sms dudul itu (toh wkt umroh aj kena sekitar 2000an per sms). Cuma pingin klarifikasi ke Telk* aja, dgn aliansi “bridge” mereka dan perusahaan “saudara” gimana sinkronisasi dan keterbukaan informasi bagi pelanggan.

Me: hallo
CS: welcome at Telk*, let me verify your subscription name is Sa*. please confirm your phone number
Me: 081*
CS: thank you sir, can we help u in any way?
Me: yes, I’d read the billing printout sent to my home last evening. stunned on the abroad billing row
CS: what’s that sir?
Me: it’s fine for me Sing* billed me rp. 17/kb, i/c and o/g around 6k to 8k but i need to confirm whether these sms rate valid in Telk* data center?
CS: how much is it sir, and to which operator u sent the message?
Me: it’s local number, i mean Indonesia number too ..
CS: ok, please hold .. I’ll check it in the system
Me: sigh .. wait for 5minute, 10 minute .. *i think she went ate bakso somehow* [email protected]#
CS: hello, sorry for your on hold sir
Me: it’s fine, so?
CS: I’ve checked it, but our system doesn’t seem record roaming partner tariff
Me: so, your saying these colored billing printout with Telk* header on it, lists bills which include item that your company doesn’t even have access to it?
CS: it seem to be like that sir
Me: so, you just print whatever rate report (on subscriber roaming) your partner sent you? not even Telk* try double checked it or make a note of it on your system? so whenever customer ask you don’t come to these messy-clueless respond?
CS: silent .. kind of sir, anything else u would like us to assist?
Me: fine, got it clear there (what the [email protected]#)
CS: thank you for calling Telk*, good evening sir
Me: evening ..

Heran koq Telk* bisa cetak billing pelanggan dgn rate yang mentah2 udah di tetapkan dari provider rekanan mereka diluar, tanpa di cek ulang. Setidaknya buat catatan pada sistem, sehingga waktu kita pelanggan nanya, operator ini gak terkesan “clueless”. Well, mereka sendiri juga yg buat image mereka kelihatan seperti itu, q bisa bilang apa toh? :mrgreen: