week ..

What’s on a week, another recap, few thing i did in a week. It’s been a while i hadn’t compile a single post which cover vary item, so here it is.

210608 – It’s been a bored weekend, so i decide to go solo today, take Busway to Harmoni, then transit to Kota terminal as final destination. Take a walk down under newly “unfurnished” underpass which connect the terminal, stasiun Kota and museum Bank Mandiri. The underpass itself is far from done i think, the weird thing there’s an empty pool right in the middle of the underpass, and there’s a security “guard” post down there that doesn’t seem to be an eligible guard for the area.

Take my step on stair right to Mandiri museum (which i enter later after i had a quick ride around the area first). A guided cycle person for a spin on the old fish market, old dock harbor, Sunda Kelapa, turn around to Fatahilah, see what on puppet museum nearby (the 2nd floor is a bit awkward, old foreign scary lookin doll) and get my self back to Kota.

240608 – I had order a book, which most “comin” psychiatrist would love most (i think). I read a review by Dhy previously on how this book simplify, describe how the mind work which affect by what they called Murphy‘s law. The book written by Richard Robinson, which i hadn’t time to buy it at store, instead i order it online which came a day later at night (the courier almost sent it the day after, if i didn’t remind them) .. hehe

260608 – I stumbleupon a banner in my fellow blogger, it take me to 60th anniversary of BC and its competition related article. The 1st period already passed, so the extended 2nd period competition I’ve got to submit mine at least. Register it, send a link to their email, got the reply that confirm submission inclusion, and finally i post what they’d ask submitters to post assigned article. Done, hope it works.

280608 – I used to had my flight scheduled and ordered using my account at GFF, which I’d membership there and its quick. The order can be made by phone and pay it from ATM or internet banking.

But, for my next trip i’m willing to try a different flight carrier, but with similar kind of access. i had an account at IAA but hadn’t use it for quite sometime. Browse the site, login to the user account, pick a flight destination, dates, and direction (one way or v.v). Done, tick checkmark on options, payment by bank. And how the service will be, check my future post then.

The difference are, at GFF my order valid until a day after, with this carrier flight it valid for about 3-4 hour after i make an order. These thing does made us hurry in everything.