few .. my short-listed

Nambah oemoer lg nich .. makin banyak aja tantangan kedepan, anyway mau post yg quick post via blog, email, sms & mms (temen2 yg masih inget) whose quick post their greeting to me within 22h15m interval this 25th date .. from roy, chishai, rama, melly, mpox, olla, didot, bayu, arie, eno, mia, jenny and indi (not related w/ dia @binus) .. oh iya juga 14 temen2 gw di gmUx yang penuh tawa dan banyol .. hihihi, as days come after .. and posts continuing comin’ in .. thanks a lot all, u’ve been my 3rd family root arround .. jaa nee ..bUzz: bro’ and sis’ .. ternyata dia inget ngirim “belated b’day greet” ke hp gw, thank god she remember .. care u .. if u ever knew it ..