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Is it me, late to know or what ?! Near my house there’s a new mini mart called Alfa Midi (manage by PT Midimart Utama), which i already suspicious it must had anything related to retailer Alfa Mart. After surf few media archive (include here), i found Alfa Mart had offer a new format of their business with a bit change on their brand name of mini-mart.

It come to surprise me, knowing that 75% of Alfa Mart share had been purchased by big retailer Carrefour Indonesia, another addition of 1,000 and 4,000 sqm retail space for them. Thus former Alfa Mart owner soon release new type of convenient store named C-Store.

bUzz: pengusaha lokal harus mundur hadapi raksasa retail Perancis ini, tunggu aja 1-2 tahun mini mart Alfa ntr bener2 berubah jadi mini-Carrefour deh ?!@#