concluded ..

Wrote it, before it pass my head .. i’ve got several call, some message and many ideas and hopes today. well, if i remind about latest 2 topic subject “closest“, it comes to my attention .. a personal psychology thought may applied here. i may have to clarified this with my old friend whom major in psychology, she’s in borneo now w/ her husband. So here what i had in mind for now ..1. It’s hard for her to easily confess about own personality, and being reluctant to accept any opinion or suggestion for a while. even tough deep inside, she’s glad there several person she knew whom take a deep care over her problems.
2. From another side, i’d seen some images she re-produced on her own, and found that she’s trying it hard to resemble the most accurate one. she’s crop there, pictured there, stick it along, giving it a new snapshot. just want all member to be in a 1 whole big family picture, even tough it’s hard to.
3. A mistake occur, when met a wrong person?! a wrong time?! a wrong dimension?! even if she could turn the time around would it be anyone to help, or how can she survive on her own w/o assistance. Great lord !! of course she can, don’t question it why .. it’s a must, and it’s every person destiny to work on it’s own hand !!

bUzz: i just had chatted this afternoon with my fellow trusted friend, for privacy i’d also omit the person name involved, no time constrain occurred.