windows 10 ..

Ok, i finally upgraded my OS from latest 8.1 version of Windows Pro to the latest March build of Windows 10 Pro. It’s light, quick upgrade process, hence it takes about 3,05 GB of file to download. The new layout and feature, seem more simplified, the new media and photo viewer, live task view and […]

season 10 ..

Well, hey all. It’s been a long time i had no time writing here, many interesting happen lately, i could even decide which to share here. For these post, i welcoming the return of the all time favor #Series #TheXFiles #Season10. Which made me happy enough with the same cast, Mulder, Scully, Skinner but i […]

before us ..

We’ve start it in a very simple way. From beginning i eager myself to approach her in that place, as i know it’s her from far. What surprise me on our first met she tag along that tote bag filled with fruit as gift. Which later she shared, she doubt whether to bring it on […]

akad ..

” Sella is a simple girl you rarely met in life, when eye mets ends up stealing my heart away with her mischievous grin and energetic personality that packs a punch. Her soothe eyes, smiles, loves of sharing with others, she sees more in life and hopes pack her bags and jet off into an […]

rogue nation ..

Yup, its the 5th movie of Mission Impossible released in August. Here’s a fun fact, in which scene and music score on several scene are resemble from another movie. If you were real action movie enthusiast, you’d easily spot these awkwardness. Here’s i pin point some of them. 1. An opera scene, #Cruise in suit, […]

kritisi ..

Sehari yang lalu saya membaca tulisan ringkas soal staf Presiden #Rafly yang mengundurkan diri baru-baru ini soal independensi beliau untuk kritis dalam posisi internal pejabat negara, dan kebebasan jam kerja sebagai seorang pembantu Presiden. Ini agak menggelitik, bila dibanding kan perilaku teman saya #Arief yang satu sekolah di SMA sewaktu masih di Riau dan saat […]

ini kisah ..

These conclude 2 simple conversation, we both chatted for last few week during Ramadan. Last month i mention simple story regarding Taraweh, this month my friend¬†story tell another simple thought.¬†How cocky we are to complain, thus in Allah sight everything measured in possibly different way. This month, a close friend of mine ask whether i […]

index ..

Yup, it’s more than a while i wrote anything related to economy article here in my humble blog. So here it is, titled this as #indeks which in english synonym as #index. This simple writing solely pin point some facts related to IDX or solely known globally as JCI. Since last year election, the euforia […]